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Eye Contour Treatment
15 ml


The EmuLine® Eye Contour Gel Treatment has been especially developed to eliminate and minimize wrinkles, circles and bags under the eyes. Its Emu Oil formula provides large quantities of natural antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the skin. Its high level of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly Oleic and Linoleic Acids allow it to penetrate deep down into the layers of the skin quickly and easily, applying a deep emollient and moisturizing action. This product acts as an anti-swelling agent and it regenerates tissues, helping to prevent and eliminate wrinkles. It does not cause acne. Its Slimy Snail Secretion contains allantoin and glycolic acid which help to restore and exfoliate skin tissues, improving its texture and increasing vitality. Its White Tea Extract contains flavonoids and tannins which due to their anti-swelling, antioxidant and free radical sweeping properties help to prevent premature aging of the skin and to decongest the eye area. The main feature of the Ivy Extract is that it is venous active, a quality that reduces edemas and also activates circulation.


Apply using small circular movements on the contour of the eyes as many times as necessary, so as to stimulate skin cells and optimize the action of its active ingredients.