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What is Emu Oil?

Emu Oil has been known for milleniums. In fact, Australian aborigines used Emu Oil as an analgesic, anti-swelling, moistening and skin regenerating agent in ancient times. They were right, as modern survey has shown cosmetic and therapeutic properties of Emu Oil.

Laboratory experiments around the world have clearly shown healing and beauty-aid properties of Emu Oil. Its re-discovery has caused a global recognition response, and Health Dept. of Australia rated it as a “pharmaceutical and cosmetic product” recently. Besides, Emu Oil has been filed in official registers in Health Depts. in New Zealand, Canada, the U.S.A., France and Japan; among other countries.

What is Emu Oil really?
Emu Oil is a natural product with an ability to stimulate growth of new cells, which results in nutrition and regeneration in all kinds of skin. It is also effective in soothing rheumatic pain and muscles strain and in healing sores. It possesses properties as an excellent anti-swelling and skin burns healing agent. It also improves scars and heals skin diseases. However, in this first stage, Emu Oil will be known just as cosmetic product.

According to cosmetic survey, oil obtained from Emu (a non flying bird original from Australia) is much similar to human oil. That is the reason why it is ideal to treat every kinds of skin. Emu Oil also contains great amounts of essential fatty acids (oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids; for instance), which results in a great ability to penetrate into human skin to stimulate growth of new cells.

Emu Oil has proved to be much effective in treating scalds because of its ability to heal swelling, to moisten damaged skin and to release pain through its analgesic properties. From a therapeutic point of view, Emu Oil is an effective anti-swelling agent as its application reduces and soothes strain and swelling in human joints.

For its contents of linoleic acids, Emu Oil reduces pain, edemas and bruises. It is recommended to release muscles strain caused by intensive exercising and to treat cramps.