Oil Baby Body Facial Soap Hands and Feet  
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
50 gr


This product contains Wheat Germ Extract and Cafeisilane C, two that are powerful wrinkles-fighting active principles. Due to its contents of caffeine, alginic acid and some methyl silane derivatives, Cafeisilane C provides optimum reaffirming, antiedema and restoring results. Wrinkles and expression lines are visibly attenuated; skin texture is smoother and revitalized. On the other hand, the extract from natural wheat germ possesses reaffirming and wrinkles-fighting properties providing and provide an intensive firmness effect. Besides, the contents of vitamin E in this cream have anti-oxidizing properties, which prevent formation of new wrinkles. Thanks to its contents of emu oil content, this product has an outstanding ability to restore and moistens skin deeply