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Emuoil with Rose Hip Oil
59 ml


This product takes advantage of a combination of beneficial effects of Emu Oil and of Dog Rose Oil in their natural, 100% pure condition.

This mixture results in a product with high contents of non-saturated fatty acids such as Linoleic (Omega 6) or Oleic (Omega 9) acids which naturally exist in Emu Oil; along with contents of natural tocopherols, carotenes and vitamins which are found in Dog Rose Oil.

It offers a wide range of benefits to your skin from regeneration of damaged tissues, late appearance of face expression lines and prevention of wrinkles; to the treatment of skin damaged by burns or radiotherapy.

This oil will keep your skin moistened, flexible, with a fresh, healthy appearance. It is easily absorbed and prevents losses of water.

It is recommended during the last gestation quarter in pregnant women. Its application with a gentle massage in breasts and in abdomen will prevent those typical skin lines.

These two oils together boost their natural properties and make an effective rejuvenating agent without medical contraindication.

Some of its Properties:
It regenerates tissues, it has a healing effect on burns and sores.
It prevents skin lines.
It attenuates face expression lines.

Adverse Responses:
None contraindication has been reported.

Only for external use.
Store at room temperature.

Shake the container and apply the product on your skin with a gentle massage as often as you may desire.

59 ml bottle.